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RENAULT Buses, Cars, and Trucks France part IV After 1944 + Part V Postwar resurgence (1945–1971)

RENAULT Buses, Cars, and Trucks France part IV After 1944 + Part V Postwar resurgence (1945–1971)


Buses, Cars, and Trucks France part IV After 1944

AFTER 1944
1945 RENAULT 208 E1 prototype crée par les usines RENAULT juste aprés le conflit
1945 4a1945 4CV Renault1945 CAMION RENAULT AHS1945 komt de Renault met een lichte vracht-bestelwagen met een laadvermogen van 1000kg1945 RENAULT - 19451945 Renault 1000kg 19451945 Renault c1945 RENAULT Juva coach découvrable1945 Renault Juvaquatre [Type BFK4]1945 renault juvaquatre-dauphinoise-28-0021945 Renault MONASIX1945 Renault nationalisé en 1945 renaultbillancourt-822824-jpg_544016MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA1945 renault1945 Renault-AHN.-Picture-courtesy-of-leblogauto.com_1945 renault-goelette 0381945-56 RENAULT Juvaquatre Fourgonnette Tolee1945-80 Renault 4cv
1945 Renault 212 E11945 Renault 1000kg1945 Renault Juvaquatre Dauphinoise Break1945 renault-1000kg goelette 1
After the French capitulation in 1940, Louis Renault refused to produce tanks forNazi Germany, which took control of his factories. He produced lorries for the German occupiers instead. On 3 March 1942, the RAF launched 235 low-level bombers at the Billancourt plant, the largest number of aircraft aimed at a single target during the war. 460 tons of bombs were dropped on the plant and the surrounding area, causing extensive damage to the plant along with heavy civilian casualties. Renault resolved to rebuild the factory as quickly as possible, but a further heavy bombardment a year later, on 4 April, this time delivered by the Americans, caused further damage, as did subsequent allied bombardments on 3 and 15 September 1943.
Renault 4CV BW 1
1945 Renault 4CV
1946 Renault 206 E1 Camionette1946 RENAULT 208 D, moteur 4 cyl, de 85 cv pour une charge utile de 5 à 7 tonnes1946 Renault 208 D1-E1
1946 renault 4cv Taringa1946 Renault 1001946 Renault 1000 Kg Car [206 E1]1946 Renault a1946 Renault Juvaquatre a1946 Renault Juvaquatre1946 Renault truck1946 RENAULT type AHN 21946 Renault1946 renault-4-cv-1946-1960-revue-technique1946 RenaultJuvaquatrea1946 Renault-logo-19461946 stamboom fabricage 4cv en juvaquatre dauphinoise1946-48 normal Usine Renault
1946 Renault 215D1946 Renault 1000kg Car IMCD police1946 RENAULT AHS surbaissé de 2,5 tonnes1946 Renault dauphinoise1946 Renault Juvaquatre Dauphinoise Break1946 Renault R40801946 stamboom Renault Regie Nationale autosalon
Le Grand Salon de Paris 1946
A few weeks after the Liberation of Paris, at the start of September 1944, the factory gates at Renault’s Billancourt plant reopened. Operations restarted only very slowly, in an atmosphere poisoned by plotting and political conspiracy, undertaken in the name of popular justice. Back in 1936 the Billancourt factory had been at the heart of violent political and industrial unrest that had surfaced in France underLeon Blum’s Popular Frontgovernment: although the political jostling and violence that followed the liberation was ostensibly a backlash from the rivalries between capitalist collaboration and communist resistance, many of the scores being settled actually predated the German invasion. Responding to the chaotic situation at Renault, on 27 September 1944 a meeting of the Council of (the provisional government’s) Ministers took place under de Gaulle’s presidency. Postwar European politics had quickly become polarised between communists and anti-communists, and in France De Gaulle was keen to resist Communist Party attempts to monopolise the political dividends available to resistance heroes: politically Billancourt was a communist stronghold. The government decided to “requisition” the Renault factories. A week later, on 4 October Pierre Lefaucheux, a resistance leader with a background in engineering and top-level management, was appointed provisional administrator of the firm, assuming his responsibilities at once.
1947 RENAULT AHS1947 Renault Galion1947 renault juvaquatre dauphinoise1947 Renault R 20601947 Renault r2168
1947 Copie de pub-a-renault1947 LE DÉPLIANT RENAULT1947 Renault 41947 renault 4CV1947 Renault 211947 Renault 1000 kg Fourgon Tôlé [R2060]1947 renault 1947 4cv13240HR1947 Renault ad1947 Renault Bl1947 Renault Juva BFK4 021947 Renault Juva BFK41947 renault juvaquatre a1947 renault juvaquatre1947 Renault-1947-renault-21947_Renault_1000_kg_001_96261947-56 RENAULT4CV-medium-20761947-61 Renault 4 CV1947-61 Renault 4CV1947-61 Renault 4CVa
1947 renault-a-4cv-factory1947 renault-b-4cv1947-65 Renault Goélette

Meanwhile the provisional government accused Louis Renault of collaborating with the Germans. In the frenzied atmosphere of those early post-liberation days, with many wild accusations against him, but believing himself innocent of the crimes of collaboration, Renault was advised by his lawyers not to flee the country, but to present himself to a judge. He presented himself to Judge Marcel Martin, on 22 September 1944. Louis Renault was arrested on 23 September 1944, like several other French auto-industry leaders at the time. Renault’s harsh handling of the 1936–1938 strikes had left him without political allies in those early days after the liberation; thus he was completely isolated and no one came to his aid. He was incarcerated at Fresnes prison where he died on 24 October 1944 under unclear circumstances, while awaiting trial.

1948 Renault 4cv Découvrable1948 Renault 215 D Amiot1948 renault 215d gros 011948 Renault Autobus Scemia [R4151]1948 Renault Panorama bus
1948 Renault 215 D Amiot1948 mis-ligne-juvaquatre-taxi-4-img1948 R J1948 Renault 215 D Amiot1948 Renault 1000 Kg Furgon [R2060]1948 Renault 10001948 renault 1948 4cv-21948 renault 19481948 Renault b1948 Renault Juvaquatre (1937-1960) ..1948 Renault Juvaquatre Taxi 49 Rosengart taxidroit1948 Renault Juvaquatre Taxi 49 Rosengart1948 Renault type 2161 année 19481948 Renault481948 renault-ad-19481948 renJuvaquatre_074_W1948. Renault 1948 4cv1948-Renault Juvaquatre

On 1 January 1945, by decree of General Charles de Gaulle based on the untried accusations of collaboration, the company was expropriated from Louis Renault posthumously and on 16 January 1945 it was formally nationalised as Régie Nationale des Usines Renault. Renault’s were the only factories permanently expropriated by the French government. In subsequent years, the Renault family tried to have the nationalisation ruling overturned by the French courts and receive compensation. In 1945 and 1961 the Courts responded that they had no authority to review the actions of the De Gaulle Government.

This was part IV

Part V

Postwar resurgence (1945–1971)

Under the leadership of Pierre Lefaucheux, Renault experienced both a commercial resurgence as well as labor unrest – that was ultimately to continue into the 1980s.

1949 4CV-Renault1949 Renault 215 D1949 Renault R4190
1949 4cv renault 1949 luxe conges1949 Camionette Renault (Voltigeur, Galion, Goelette) 1949-19631949 Renault 4 cv berline luxe tylKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA1949 Renault 4CV1949 Renault 108 051949 Renault 108 081949 Renault 1000 Kg Car Police [R2060]1949 renault 1949 4cv_avec_reference_usa1949 renault 1949 300kg break1949 Renault Camion fainiant1949 Renault R20601949 Renault1949 renault-1949-hot-rod-motor-1600-fusca-raridade-6596-MLB5072424478_092013-O1949 renault-projet-108-(france)-0013-59711949-60 Renault Juvaquatre Dauphinoise1949-63 Camionette Renault1949-65 Renault 1000kg1949-ad-for-Renault 4cv
1949 renault-a-4cv-airplane1949 renault-b-rallye-de-monte-carlo-4cv
In secrecy during the war, Louis Renault had developed the rear engine 4CV which was subsequently launched under Lefacheux in 1946. Renault debuted its flagship model, the largely conventional 2-litre 4-cylinder Renault Frégate (1951–1960), shortly thereafter. The 4CV proved itself a capable rival for cars such as the Morris Minor and Volkswagen Beetle; its sales of more than half a million ensured its production until 1961.
1950 RENAULT 2,5 t1950 Renault 18-25cv Le Car 37-43places Ad1950 RENAULT 215 D a1950 Renault 215 D des CP en gare de St-Tropez
1950 Renault 1000 Kg Car [R2060]1950 Renault 1000 Kg Fourgon Publicitaire [R2060]1950 RENAULT 4140 fainéant
1950 fregate renault1950 Renault 4CV Legros Barchetta1950 Renault 4CV Sport1950 Renault 1000 Kg Fourgon T1950 Renault 1000 Kg Fourgon1950 Renault 1000 Kg1950 Renault Break Juvaquatre1950 Renault Camionette  Dauphinnoise1950 Renault Colorale Pick-up1950 Renault Colorale Prairie1950 Renault R20601950 Renault-4CV-France-19501950 Renault-Colorale-1950
1950 Renault 4CV Grand Luxe1950 Renault 4CV Luxe1950 Renault 4CV1950 Renault 1000 Kg a1950 Renault 1000 Kg Car [R2060]1950 Renault 1000 Kg Fourgon Publicitaire [R2060]1950 Renault 1000 Kg1950 RENAULT 4140 fainéant1950 Renault Break Juvaquatre1950 Renault Car 50 Places (Pavillon Haut) [R4190]1950 Renault Car 50 Places1950 Renault Colorale Taxi1950 Renault-4CV-France-19501950 Renaults1950-1955 Renault Ulitaire
1950 Renault Break Juvaquatre1950 Renault Fainéant Guerre Algerie1950 Renaults
1950 Renault 750kg 4x4 R20571950 RENAULT 1000 kg fourgon1950 Renault 1000kg R2060 Goelette1950 RENAULT 4140 fainéant1950 renault colorale de mon pere1950 Renault Colorale dépanneuse1950 Renault Colorale pic11950 Renault Colorale Prairie PickUp 501950 Renault Colorale Savanne1950 Renault Colorale Taxi a1950 Renault Colorale Taxi in Film1950 Renault Colorale Taxi1950 Renault Colorale1950 renault dauphine e1950 RENAULT faignant des Trps Louis Martin1950 RENAULT faignant1950 Renault Faineant1950 Renault Goelette Nederlandse brandweer1950 Renault Prairie1950 renault r41911950 Renault special F1950 renault taxi colorale HR1950 renault-colorale-taxi-051950-55 Renault Fainéant
After the success of the 4CV, Lefacheux continued to defy the postwar FrenchMinistry of Industrial Production, which had wanted to convert Renault solely to truck manufacture, by directing the development of its successor. He oversaw the prototyping of the Dauphine (until his death) – enlisting the help of artist Paule Marrot in pioneering the company’s textile and color division.

1951 Renault 215 D (2)

1951 Renault 215 D1951 Renault 1400kg1951 Renault 4220 en benne Marrel1951 Renault Colorale 4x4 O5
1951 Publicidad Gráfica de RENAULT 1951. Mendoza1951 Renault 4 CV (1)Monte Carlo1951 Renault 4 CV1951 Renault 4CV Pie Prototype1951 Renault 4cv_monte_carlo21951 Renault Camionette1951 Renault Colorado1951 Renault Fregate - Front Angle1951 Renault Frégate (1951-1960)1951 Renault Frégate b1951 Renault Fregate Brochure 11951 Renault Frégate1951 Renault juvaquatre c1951 Renault juvaquatre1951 Renault s1951 Renault1951 RENAULT-05 1951-19601951_renault_4cv_deluxe_01_m1951-renault-1
1951 Renault 4 CV
1951 Renault Colorale1951 Renault Frégate
The Dauphine sold extremely well as the company expanded production and sales further abroad, including Africa and North America. The Dauphine sold well initially in the US, where it subsequently became outdated against increased competition, including from the country’s nascent domestic compacts such as the Chevrolet Corvair.
1952 renault Colorale 0421952 Renault Colorale Police (france)1952 Renault Colorale Prairie1952 renault colorale savane 4x41952 Renault Colorale1952 Renault R4192
1952 Renault 2,5t [R2164]1952 prairie renault1952 Renault - Frégate1952 renault 4-52cutaway1952 Renault 4CV Labourdette1952 Renault 1000 Kg Ambulance [R2060]1952 Renault 1400 Kg Car Tropiques [R2066]1952 renault 1952 300kg october1952 Renault 42111952 Renault Colorale (1952 – 1957)1952 Renault Colorale 4X4 Pickup Colonial1952 Renault Colorale f1952 Renault Colorale1952 Renault Frégate 11CV1952 Renault Frégate1952 Renault Galion1952 Renault Goulette 4 + 4 wheeldrive1952 Renault Hearse1952 renault Prairie 01 jaune1952 Renault prairie plateau1952 Renault R20601952 Renault Vitabrill Tour de France1952 renault-vitabrill-tour-de-france-19521952_renault_Prairie_011952-Renault-Fregate
1952 renault 4-52cutaway
1952 renault r42111952 Renault R4231 Trolley1952 Renault Van Bus1952 renault1952 renault-colorale-4-COD19521300201
1953 RENAULT ( fainéant ) 6 cyl , 105 cv, citerne 50 hl et container de 20 hl, pinardier, acheté neuf par mon Grand-Père1953 Renault 21953 RENAULT 4141 pétrolier1953 Renault 4144 pétrolier de l' ancienne marque MAP toujours1953 RENAULT 42201953 Renault charbonnier en chassis court de SELLIER - LEBLANC1953 renault colorale 4x4 040OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1953 Renault Goelette hearse1953 Renault Goelette lijkwagen (2)1953 Renault goelette lijkwagen
1953 Renault Goelette Mobiele Spaarbank1953 Renault Goelette photo 661953 Renault Goulette b1953 Renault junior1953 renault-a-fregate-diaz1953 renault-b-fregate1953 renault-c-fregate1953 renault-outre-mer-d-la-savane
1954 Renault 215 D in Flottans glada gossar1954 Renault 1000kg Fire Car Twin1954 Renault 4140 pinardier et remorque au milieu1954 Renault Colorale dépanneuse 4X4
1954 Renault Goelette1954 renault goulette 011954 Renault R-2087, 4x41954 renault tn4h p1954 RENAULT type R 4080, moteur 4 cyl, 85cv
1955 Renault 1000 kg NV-52-331955 Renault Alpine A1061955 Renault colorale camping car1955 Renault Colorale dépanneuse 4X41955 Renault faignant dit Tancarville où TP 10, avec le moteur Fulgur 150 cv1955 Renault faignant pinardier au milieu des vignes de l' Hérault1955 RENAULT fainéant 4153, 10 tonnes utiles, 120 cv+ sa remorque de 5 tonnes1955 Renault Frégate1955 Renault Galion en daarachter een Goelette1955 Renault Goelette Buss1955 RENAULT goelette R 2066 baché 1400kg1955 RENAULT GOELETTEz1955 Renault Goulette. Coca Cola1955 Renault Juvaquatre Dauphinoise1955 Renault R-2087 ambulance, 4x41955 Renault R-41531955 Renault Veteraan uit Zwitserland1955 renault-a-dauphine1955 Renault-R-2168-Gugumus1955 Saviem S45
During the 1950s, Renault absorbed small French heavy vehicles’ manufacturers (Somua and Latil) and in 1955 merged them with its own truck and bus division to form the Société Anonyme de Véhicules Industriels et d’Equipements Mécaniques(Saviem).
1956 Renault 215 D Belle Clot gd1956 RENAULT 41911956 Renault Dauphine1956 Renault Domaine1956 RENAULT faignant des Routiers Bretons au chargement à quai1956 Renault faignant en triqueballe grumier1956 Renault Faineant R41541956 RENAULT R 2152 cabine torpédo modéle armée1956 Renault R-2087, 4x4, Staffcar1956 renault r41921956 renault-a-dauphine1956 renault-a-fregate1956 renault-caravane-motorhome1956 renault-cars-b-fregate-le-port-de-cannes1956-60 Renault Frégate Domaine
1957 Renault 4cv1957 renault 1957 manoir1957 Renault 4220 faignant de l' entreprise Pomona1957 Renault Africa1957 renault galion1957 RENAULT R 2087 Goulette 4x4 militair1957 Renault R-2182, 4x41957 renault1957 renault-cars-a-fregate-matthey1957 saviem zr20
1958 Renault ambulance s-1958 RENAULT BELLE CLOT1958 Renault Dauphine1958 Renault Dauphinoise Break Type R21011958 Renault Estafette&Goelette1958 Renault Frégate Transfluide a1958 Renault Frégate Transfluide1958 Renault Galion Catalogue1958 RENAULT GALION1958 RENAULT R 2067 GOELETTEy1958 renault R20651958 Renault R21681958 renault-b-dauphine1958 Renault-Estafette-Transp-Kasten-Sapeurs-Pompiers-rot1958 renault-floride-a-bluebell-girls-lido-chorus-girls-music-hall-cabaret1958 Saviem SC10
1959 Renault Frégate Transfluide
1959 RENAULT AMIOT1959 Renault Caravelle Cabriolet Sports Car1959 Renault Caravelle r1959 Renault Caravelle1959 Renault Estafette (2)1959 renault estafette1959 Renault Floride1959 Renault Frégate Manoir a1959 Renault Frégate Manoir b1959 Renault Fregate Manoir1959 Renault Frégate Manoir1959 renault fregate1959 Renault Frégate1959 Renault Manoir 19591959 Renault Manoir Stationwagon - 19591959 Renault Manoir Transfluide in L'abominable homme Ambulance1959 Renault Manoir Transfluide1959 Renault Manoir1959 Renault Projet 900 031959 RENAULT Prototype 9001959 RENAULT Prototype Taxi 900 - 1959 Paris1959 RENAULT Prototype Taxi 9001959 RENAULT R 4x4 20871959 RENAULT TANCARVILLE 4x4 modéle civil1959 Renault1959 renault-fregate-affaires-2-litres-amiral-caravelle-grand-pavois-domaine-manoir-transfluide1959 Saviem Potsdam1959-80 Renault Estafette1959-renault-900-prototype_1395255331959-Renault-Caravelle-DV-11-GC
1960 Renault 9-Goelette-11960 Renault Estafette Sinpar1960 RENAULT ESTAFETTEz1960 RENAULT Faignant avec col de cygne sur son chassis1960 Renault floride-caravelle1960 renault goelette1960 Renault Manoir Stationwagon1960 Renault Voltigeur (1000kg)1960 Renault4CV1960 renault-a-dauphine1960 renault-b
1960-72 Renault Estafette Serie 11961 Renault Caravelle USA Ad1961 Renault Colorale 4x4 brandweerwagen1961 RENAULT ESTAFETTEy1961 RENAULT Goelette SG2 Plateau bâché1961 Renault R4 Fourgonnette1961 Renault1961 Renault-Floride 21961 saviem doubledeck sc11961 Saviem SC11961 saviem sc21961 Saviem-Chausson SC-1 Ligne
1961 Renault Caravelle USA Ad1961 Renault Colorale 4x4 brandweerwagen1961 RENAULT ESTAFETTEy1961 RENAULT Goelette SG2 Plateau bâché1961 Renault R4 Fourgonnette1961 Saviem SC11961 saviem sc21961 Saviem-Chausson SC-1 Ligne
1962 - Worldwide Premieres. RENAULT FLORIDE & CARAVELLE1962 Renault Floride S1962 Saviem SC5
1962 - Worldwide Premieres. RENAULT FLORIDE & CARAVELLE1962 Renault estafette 800 Luxe1962 Renault Floride S1962 Renault Fregate Rosmalen1962 Renault Fregate
1963 Renault 4 East African Safari
1964 Renault Caravelle 1100 Cabriolet1964 renault caravelle 1100-11964 Renault Caravelle1964 Renault Estafette1964 Renault Galion PTT1964 renault Galion R42461964 Renault R8 Gordini1964 saviem s45
1963 camion-utilitaire-renault-estafette-1963-img1963 Renault 4 VPI1963 Renault 16 Berline1963 Renault Caravelle S Convertable Hard Top1963 renault caravelle-051963 Renault JHM 0126 lille1963 renault range_eng_ad1963 renault_projet_115_16_01_sb1963 renault_projet_115_16_02_sb1963 renault-1963-02-renault1963_renault_4_01_m1963 Renault 4 La Parisienne 1963–671963 Renault 4 Parisienne1963 renault 1963 8MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA1963 Renault Caravelle floride11963 Renault Dauphine Gordini [R1091]1963 Renault Dolphine1963 Renault-8-France-19631963_renault_4_01_m1963_Renault_Caravelle_For_Sale_resize
1964 saviem s53
1964 R4 basic model 2 sml1964 Renault 16 is geproduceerd van 1964 tot 19801964 Renault 16 plateau1964 Renault R4 Fourgonnette1964 Renault R4 Parisienne (cannée)1964 Solido. Renault 4L Gendamerie1964-1970-Renault-R8-Gordini-Front-Angle1965 Renault 12 Hearse1965 Renault 16 is geproduceerd van 1964 tot 19801965 RENAULT 1965 Projet 118
1964 Renault Caravelle 1100 Cabriolet1964 renault caravelle 1100-11964 Renault Caravelle1964 Renault Estafette1964 Renault Galion PTT1964 renault Galion R42461964 Renault R8 Gordini1964 saviem s451964 saviem s531964 saviem s1051964 saviem sc101964 SAVIEM ZF 20 boekje 4261964 SAVIEM ZR 20 boekje ((DALFOZ)1964-65 Renault caravelle 1100 cabriolet1964-1970-Renault-R8-Gordini-Front-Angle1964-1970-Renault-R8-Gordini-Front-Angle-Water
1964 saviem s1051964 saviem sc10
1965 Renault Caravelle and Floride Enthusiast1965 Renault-Heuliez-081965 saviem zr20
1965 Renault a1965 Renault R-101965 Renault Range1965 renault,estafette,8001965 renault_16_1
Renault subsequently launched two cars which became very successful – the Renault 4 (1961–1992), a practical competitor for the likes of the Citroën 2CV, and Renault 8. The larger rear-engined Renault 10 followed the success of the R8, and was the last of the rear-engined Renaults. The company achieved success with the more modern and more upmarket Renault 16, a pioneering hatchback launched in 1966, followed by the smaller Renault 6.
1966 Renault Estafette rhd 19661966 renault-a-floride1966 Saviem S45GT
1966 Renault 4 Parisienne1966 Renault 8 Deluxe1966 Renault 101966 renault 1966 dauphine gordini1966 renault estafette corbillard hearse leichenwagen1966 Renault Goelette BMW motoren Politie1966 Renault R8 Gordini 0071966 Renault Torino1966 renault-a-floride1966 Renault-R16-open1966 Saviem S45GT
1967 SAVIEM Tancarville1967 SAVIEM ZR 20N z
1967 Renault 101967 Renault 1967 011967 Renault Apal Muschang 1 2 (1967)1967 RENAULT Dauphine1967 Renault SG2 Super Goelette1967 Saviem Super Goelette1967–74 Renault 4 Fourgonnette
1968 Renault bus1968 Renault Estafette ad1968 Renault estafette pick up1968 Saviem SC 10 U1968 SAVIEM SC10 (2)1968 Saviem SC101968 Saviem zr20 (2)
1968 Renault 4 L1968 Renault 41968 renault 61968 Renault 12 bestel Dacia1968 Renault 16 pompiers pont du chateau1968 Renault estafette pick up1968-71 Renault 4 Plein Air1968-73 Renault 6 (1968–1973)1968-74 renault-4-tl-cabriolet-2-portes
On 16 January 1970 the manufacturer celebrated the 25th anniversary of its 1945 rebirth as the newly nationalised Régie Nationale des Usines Renault. The 1960s had been a decade of aggressive growth for France’s largest auto-maker: a few months earlier, in October 1969, the manufacturer had launched the Renault 12, combining most of the engineering philosophy of its market-defining hatch-backs with the more conservative “three-box” design which many buyers continued to prefer. The four-door Renault 12 model slotted into the Renault range between the Renault 6and Renault 16. The model was a success, and 1970 was also the first year ever during which Renault produced more than a million cars in a single year, the actual figure being 1,055,803.
1969 Renault 4  Bestel PTT1969 renault 16 b1969 Renault 161969 Renault Estafette Corbillard1969 Renault R2136 A Alouette 57-91-JP1969 saviem e71969 Saviem SC5P
1970 + 1971
1970 renault-16tl-011970 Saviem S45GT1970 Saviem-Renault Super Goulette SG2E Rijkspolitiebus VN-26-22
1971 268 Renault-Alpine R8 Gordini1971 Auto IKA Renault Torino TS 19711971 Ika Renault Rambler Ambassador1971 ika-renault-torino-s-19711971 ika-renault-torino-s-1971-c1971 Renault 4 L1971 Renault 4L R11261971 Renault 4uk1971 Renault 5 TL1971 Renault 6 L [X18]1971 Renault 61971 Renault 101971 Renault 11 - SAVIEM TP31971 Renault 12 ad1971 Renault 12 Gordini a1971 Renault 12 Gordini b1971 Renault 12 side1971 Renault 12 TL1971 Renault 15 TL1971 Renault 16 TS 1971–771971 Renault 17 TL de 19711971 Renault 171971 Renault 17a1971 Renault Alpine © Mark Fisher NYC1-59941971 Renault Alpine A110 1300 Group 41971 Renault Alpine A310 1971-19841971 Renault Alpine A310 a1971 Renault Alpine A3101971 RENAULT ALPINE POSTER1971 Renault Alpine Turbo GTL 1397cc1971 Renault Estafette Super1971 Renault Mini 4S1971 Renault PleinAir16-41971 Renault R4 F6OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1971 Renault R10 Sedan1971 Renault R151971 Renault R16 TS1971 Renault Rodeo ACL Evasion1971 Renault_16_011971 Renault_17_TS1971 Renault_R4-21971 renault15-r171971 Renault-R6TL-19711971 SAVIEM SM-19.304DFA, 6x6, right SG-2, 4x41971-76 renault-alpine-a3101971-76Alpine A310 16001971-renault-dinalpin-gt4-front1971-Renault-R16-TS
1972 Carrier Renault bus Madagascar1972 Overcrowded Renault Bus in Vietnam
End of part IV + V


Renault – Modern era (1972–1980)

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